Robin's Python Stuff

Python 2.x socket.ssl for win32
The socket module in Python 2.x has the optional ability to communicate with SSL encryption via the OpenSSL library, but it is not included in the default win32 build. I've built a drop-in replacement for _socket.pyd (and _socket_d.pyd if you have the debugging version too.)

Python Docs in HTMLHelp format
Here are copies of the Python docs in Microsoft HTML Help format. Each .zip also includes the Python script used to generate the project files for MS HTML Help Workshop.

Berkeley DB
GOOD NEWS! This project has been brought back to life! It's a Python wrapper around the Berkeley DB 3.1.x library and you can get it and more info here: PyBSDDB

The old version of my stuff is still available here:

LRWP stands for Long Running Web Process and is a FastCGI-like extension I wrote for the Xitami web server. is a Python module that contains a class that implements the client interface required by Xitami-LRWP. You can use this class directly or derive from it to create a peer process to the web server that will be sent all the requests to a specific URL. Will also support acting like a filter sometime in the future.

The Python module handles communication with the FastCGI module of the Apache or Stronghold web server without using the FastCGI developers kit, but will also work in a non-FastCGI environment, (straight CGI.) This module was originally fetched from someplace on the Net (I don't remember where and I can't find it now...) and has been significantly modified to fix several bugs, be more readable, more robust at handling large CGI data and return document sizes, and also to fit the model that we had previously used for FastCGI.


wxPython has moved here.

I have a few Python related projects either in progress or in embryo. As I get them in usable forms I will post them here.